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Prepaid packages

If you’re treating your guests to prepaid drinks, first choose a tap or bottle service. On tap we serve beer, ale, cider, fizz, wine and cocktails. Our on tap packages are best suited for larger quantities - a keg of fizz serves 160 flutes and a keg of beer 52 pints. If you will need fewer drinks then a bottle service is perfect for you.


Take a little drinkspiration from this year’s most popular prepaid services or get in touch to create your own perfect little menu!

Here's what our lovely customers have been enjoying:



Fizz on tap serving 160 flutes from  £600

Add on Spritz or cocktail selections


Craft beer 

1 keg of lager on tap serving 52 pints & Prosecco from bottles serving  48 flutes from £500

1 keg of lager on tap serving 52 pints & 1 keg of fizz  serving  160 flutes from £800


Bijou bar

Fizz, wine, beer, gin & tonic  & premium soft drinks

If you are excited to get planning we'd love you to say hello!

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